Your Safety,
WashCraft's Responsibility

360 Degree Safety & Hygiene measures, as per the World Health Organization (WHO) & USA’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for laundry & dry cleaning.

Store & Staff Hygiene

Timely Store Sanitization

Machines, floor, doors, furniture and all surfaces of the store are sanitized with disinfectant after every 2 hours.

Staff Daily Temperature Test

We have already adopted this safety measure at a very early stage of COVID-19. Nobody is allowed in WashCraft studio without temperature screening.

Frequently Handwash

All employees strictly follow 20 seconds handwash protocol after every 2 hours or before entering the store.

Staff Personal Protection Kit

Gloves, mask, shoe cover & sanitizer is mandatory for all employees during working hours. Staff uniforms are washed daily with disinfectant.

Contactless Pick & Drop

Sanitized Collection Bags & Delivery Vehicles

Collection & Delivery Bags are sanitized with disinfectant after every use. Bikes and vans used for delivery and collection are sanitized after every 4 hours.

Complete Contactless Policy

Runner will spread a sanitised cloth over floor. Customers are advised to keep dirty clothes over this and step back. While delivery, runners sanitize each packet before handing it to customer.

Digital Invoices

Physical receipt or invoice is not given. Customers are advised to check SMS/Email/WhatsApp for receipt/invoice.

Only Digital Payments

Cash payment are not allowed. Only digital payments through Mobile App or QR code are accepted.

100% Safe Processing

Individual Wash Cycle

World class automatic LAGOON machines through its professionally designed 4 stage mechanical action and Contrast Hydro Treatment ensures utmost bacterial treatment in first stage itself.

Antiseptic Treatment

Pre-Wash disinfection process and application of highly professional detergents, softener & antiseptic with Contrast Hydro treatment ensures to treat utmost bacteria and germ in washing process itself.

Drying with Delicate Care

World class automatic Drying process is fully programed and capable to disinfect the cloth with smart temperature control system and mechanical action as per the nature of fabric.

Separate Storage for Clothes

Separate sections for soiled & ready clothes in the studio/store. Brown color floor for soiled clothes and white color floor for cleaned clothes. Separate entry and exit for soiled and cleaned clothes respectively.

FAQs About Our Safety Features

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