“An Appeal by WashCraft – The Magic Hanger”

Each year, hundreds of homeless people die because of cold. Many families live in poverty and are unable to buy themselves clothing & shoes.
Winters are approaching soon and Magic Hand need a quick and inexpensive way to help them.
Many of us have more than what we really need. In India, it’s a common tradition to give old clothes, leftover food, old notebooks, boxes etc to domestic helps and Sometimes to the extent that the maids are getting excess of what they need.
A simple way to help is to donate these most needed items to those who really needed it.

You can also be the reason of someone's smile : )

We also believe that everyone has the right to wear clean, including the ones – less fortunate. This made us partner with “Magic Hand Foundation”, to provide #DressForDignity to those who need it the most. What you need to do for them is just #aLITTLEextra
Rahul Gupta
Founder, WashPedia

The Magic Hanger

We are working towards collecting some clothes and food for the poor who have always been staying on the stinky lanes and open sky in winters. We shall heartily like to plead you all to donate some of your old clothes which are not been used by you so far which we can donate to needy ones through Magic Hand Foundation this time.

Cash donation won’t be accepted this time,

All the items should be in usable and wearable condition. Though, we have also setup sorting and washing facility in our dumping location but clean and usable donations will help us in reducing sorting efforts and cost for “giving with dignity”.

We plead you all to donate something munificently to all the needy one and appeal the same to at least 5 other families and friends to be a part of “Joy of Giving” this festival season.

Our volunteers shall collect the stuff from the location at your convenience or it may be sent on to-pay / paid basis through courier (subject to prior intimation).

Kindly ping us to confirm your contribution.

Looking forward for your all contributions for such a great cause.

Magic Hand Foundation

We are a community of people that help needy ones by doing donation camps at rural and slum areas. we help them by collecting clothes and and livelihood things that we collect from people who are willing to help. we at Magic Hand don’t believe in monetary donations, we just collect things from people that are useless from them and give it to the needy ones.

With your help, we can continue making a difference by providing clothing, shelters, NGOs, School and to others who really need the support.