Janakpuri (Suspanded w.e.f. Apr 2022)

Searching for the best dry cleaners in Delhi! Well, your search ends here because WashCraft offers quality dry cleaning and laundry services at affordable prices. We are equipped with high-end machines and use superior quality cleaning solutions to deliver you sparkling and fresh clothes. Our specialized machinery and skilled technicians make us the best dry cleaner near you.

Our quality products revive your clothes and give new look to them. House cleaning and laundry are important tasks and both consume a lot of time. Now you don’t worry about these things as WashCraft is there to serve you.

The biggest hurdle in laundry comes in clothes segregation depending on the fabric and color while dry cleaning is necessary for the clothes and other household items that you cannot wash at home using normal detergent. This is where you take the help of the internet and search for the best dry cleaning service or best laundry service near me.

Carpets, heavy curtains, shoes, and sofas need deep cleaning at least once in two months but this is not possible at home. So you can look forward and call WashCraft during working hours. We will pick up your items or arrange dry cleaning at home for the household items like a sofa. Our professional cleaning service makes the customers happy.

Things become easy when you get the services near you. WashCraft tops the list when you search for the best dry cleaners in Janakpuri Delhi or the best dry cleaners near me. We are a one-stop cleaning solution that you can trust blindly. WashCraft provides quality service by understanding your requirements. We ensure to take proper care of your clothes and other items. WashCraft strives to meet the customer’s satisfaction so you can get quality service.  Your hard-earned money is precious to us and we work hard to give you value for money laundry and dry cleaning services.

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