Terms and Conditions

  1. The Customer is required to provide genuine and complete details with regard to his/her name, residential address, contact number & e-mail ID at the time of booking the pick-up/creating the order.
  2. The Store In-charge/Delivery boy shall have the right to thoroughly examine the garment(s) and inquire about any existing damage(s)/defect(s) before accepting the garment(s). Customer is required to cooperate with the same.
  3. The garment(s) collected on weekends/holidays shall be sent for processing only on the next working day. Hence there could be possibilities of delay in such cases.
  4. The Customer shall ensure that no valuables/belongings is/are handed over along with the garment(s). WashCraft is not to be held responsible for any loss/damage/theft etc in this regard.
  5. Garment(s) shall be delivered on the scheduled date of delivery as per the EGRN. However, any delay in delivery due to reasons including but not limited to occurrence of Force Majeure events doesn’t entitle the Customer for any compensation/discount.
  6. Express Service/Urgent delivery/Premium service shall be charged at applicable rates and the Customer is required to check with the same at the respective store.
  7. The Customer shall take delivery of the processed garment(s) within 10 days from the date of delivery as per the EGRN, failing which the garment(s) shall be sent back to the processing unit and delivery of the same thereafter shall be subject to additional charges.
  8. The Customer shall produce original EGRN while taking back delivery of the processed garment(s) as well duly sign the original Invoice. WashCraft shall not be held responsible/accountable for garment(s) not claimed within the said period of 30 days from the date of delivery as per the EGRN.
  9. The Customer is required to examine the garment(s) in detail before accepting the delivery. WashCraft shall not entertain any complaints related to damage(s) and/or loss of garment(s), delivery of wrong garment(s), mismatch in the number of garments etc. post handing over of the garment(s).
  10. In case the Customer is not satisfied with the services, the said garment(s) should be booked for a rewash within 24 hours from the time of delivery of the garment(s). No garment shall be accepted for rewash/rectification without Original Barcode tag.
  11. WashCraft shall not be held responsible for damages whatsoever caused due to age/poor quality of garment(s) that are unable to sustain the cleaning process.
  12. WashCraft will take every reasonable & possible effort to remove all kinds of stains but doesn’t guarantee 100% stain removal.
  13. Garment(s) are assigned to undergo wet wash or dry cleaning (whichever is best suitable for the said garment) after an expert analysis of the type & texture of the garment(s) in the processing unit.
  14. The Customer should dry the upholstery on furniture, car seats, sofa, chairs and carpets/mats etc by themselves after the services to avoid foul odour.
  15. WashCraft shall not be held responsible/liable for any loss(s) or damage(s) of/to garments due to occurrence of Force Majeure events/any reason beyond reasonable control of WashCraft.
  16. The tariff for designer wear(s) will be decided on a case to case basis depending upon the complexity of the garment and the Customer shall be communicated at the store, under which category the garment(s) falls, based on which the service charges would be ascertained.
  17. In the event the garment is wrongly booked (eg: cotton instead of silk) the same shall be intimated to the Customer and the service charges shall be in accordance with the standard rates of WashCraft as per the actual type/texture of garment(s).
  18. Compensation towards damage(s) to/loss of garment(s) despite reasonable care and under any given circumstance shall be Rs.2,000/- or 10 times the wash cost of the said garment, whichever is lesser.
  19. Any offers/coupons provided by WashCraft can be redeemed/claimed within the validity period and only upon customer’s request at the time of booking the pick-up/creating the order.
  20. In the event of home/ door to door services, the Customer is advised to verify the Employee Identity Card before availing services. Customer can also call us on 8743063478 / 01204121212 to verify the employee sent by WashCraft.
  21. WashCraft reserves the right to cancel/modify/change the terms & conditions herein above at any point in time as deemed fit and without any prior intimation to the Customer.
  22. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Courts in Delhi only.