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Washcraft picks up, cleans, and delivers your laundry and dry cleaning.

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Schedule a pickup 7 days a week.
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Enjoy your free time.
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Relax with delivery right to your door.
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Why Us ?

About Us


We are Passionate about Organic Dry-Cleaning

WashCraft is a premier dry-cleaning & laundry service provider committed to delivering exceptional care for your favorite garments and articles. With our state-of-the-art facilities, skilled professionals, and customer-centric approach, we aim to revolutionize the way you experience cleaning services.

Our idea for WashCraft®, to create an alternative to typical cleaning experience which too often involves confusing tiered pricing, unclear process, hygiene insensitivity & the use of unexceptionally hard water with poor quality chemical damaging the garment as well as environment.



Step 1: Appointment & Pickup

Centralized Call Center 0120 4121212 and branded mobile app enables earliest scheduling of orders.

Step 2 : Tagging

It creates identification that defines the right Ownership and also the process your garments will go through. 

Step 3: Stain Removal

The entire order goes through a strict process of pre-treatment. Each garment is spotted for stains. 

Step 4: Washing

State of the art processing facility provides best - in - class claning services in an HYGIENE FIRST enviornment. 

Step 5: Steam Iron

Steam Ironing is a must for creaseless finish. Our experienced staff ensures Look Like Naya Wala Once Again

Step 6: Quality Assurance

Thoroughly check articles before packing. Stain cards/codes inform about remaining stains and potential risks if treated further. It doesn't imply negligence.

Step 7: Packing

Wrinkle-free packing ensures items won't get crushed during transit, whether on hangers, travel packs, or N-fold. It is all about the customer convenience.

Step 8: Delivery

Ensure safe & prompt delivery of hanger items which are never folded. We prefer deliveries through WashCraft branded when it comes about Hanger or heavy rolled items. 

WashCraft® Advantages

Hygiene FIRST

Cleaning Service

Our Readiness to deal with your favourite clothing articles

Your Safety, WashCraft's Responsibility

  • Individual Wash Cycle
  • Antiseptic Treatment
  • Drying with Delicate Care
  • Separate Storage for Clothes
  • Sanitized Bags for Collection and Delivery

Free Pickup & Drop

INR 500 +


100% Eco Friendly

Great Value

Most competitive price

Assured Quality

Professional Treatment

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Facts About WashCraft®





Woolmark® Approved

Don’t Worry, we use Woolmark approved & Lagoon Advance Fabric Care System.

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