Washcraft Steam Ironing Service

As a reputed dry-cleaner, Washcraft provides top-quality steam ironing service to all our clients in Ghaziabad, Noida, and Delhi. We specialize in providing an assortment of cleaning services such as dry-cleaning, wet-cleaning, and stain-removing, and steam- ironing is one of our specialties. Our steam ironing service in Ghaziabad can easily smoothen out the wrinkles and creases from your garments, making them look spotless and immaculate.       

The process we employ for steam ironing shirts, trousers, saris, and several other items of clothing, produces intense heat that helps in effectively ironing out wrinkles. The high-heat from vapors of boiling water is passed onto the starched garments after sprinkling jets of water over them. This technique helps in getting rid of folds, creases, and stains from the clothes, ultimately imparting an immaculately flat surface.

More often garments and uniforms that you put on a regular basis develop rumples and crinkles that you struggle to smooth out using a standard iron. And this is exactly where our steam ironing service in Delhi comes to your aid, letting you keep your garments smooth and fresh. Washcraft steam ironing service Ghaziabad is thoroughly capable of effectively dealing with the most stubborn wrinkles in all fabric types.    

Advantages of Going for Our Steam Ironing Service

When you hand over your laundry to us for dry-cleaning or laundering, and steam-ironing, we’re responsible for extending the best service possible. We ensure that your outfits which you wear on different occasions are steam ironed with perfection, thus doing away with all creases, restoring their freshness. Whether you put on the outfit for attending an official meeting or a late-night party, we launder and iron every garment with utmost care.

All our laundry services from washing, normal cleaning, dry-cleaning, and steam ironing are carried out under one roof. We’ve highly skilled and experienced cleaning professionals who use premium steam ironing equipment for ironing your clothes. Additionally we employ dedicated personnel who collect laundry from your address and return clothes after laundering, drying, and ironing them.

Our steam ironing procedure works in a very simple and straightforward manner. You contact us for picking up your clothes, and we dispatch an employee who collects your laundry and brings them to our Live Studio. Thereafter your garments are put through individual wash cycle followed by antiseptic treatment and thorough drying.

Then the clothes are steam-pressed with meticulous care to iron out all the crumples, and also to make them free of germs. The steam or vapors released from the iron also enables the garments to dry up faster, making it easier to iron. When you entrust us with steam ironing your clothes, you get the following benefits:-

  • Quality service driven by technology
  • Pickup and delivery as per your convenience
  • Environmental-friendly ironing process boosts your garments’ longevity and keeps them looking fresh and new
  • Best steam ironing prices and rates

Why Opt for Our Steam Ironing Service?

  • The convenience of online booking (alternatively you can bring your laundry to our Live Studio)
  • Pickup and delivery from your doorstep
  • Budget-friendly rates
  • High-quality ironing


You can get in touch with us via our website by providing your personal details. Alternatively you can call us at 0120-4121212 or mail us at washcraft121@gmail.com

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Free Pickup & Delivery

Free Pickup & Delivery

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