WashCraft Dry Cleaning Service

Washcraft is an up-and-coming brand that offers high-quality dry cleaning services and other related services including laundry and steam ironing. We started our commercial journey three years ago (in 2019), and have come up fast in a short time period. At Washcraft, we provide a wide range of services including but not limited to dry cleaning, laundering, car vacuuming, and carpet cleaning.   

Our vision is to become the favorite dry-cleaning, laundering, and steam ironing brand, maintaining transparency, and the highest business standards. Washcraftdry cleaning service in Delhi harnesses state-of-the-art dry-cleaning technologies, solutions and methods for removing stains and blots from garments. We take our responsibilities very seriously, strictly adhering to the regional and national environmental safety stipulations, and charge pocket-friendly rates.

The WashCraft dry cleaning service in Ghaziabad involves a very simple, straightforward, and user-friendly step-by-step booking or registration process:-

  1. Contacting us through WhatsApp message, call center, voice messaging, messaging on our website or simply stepping inside our studio
  2.  Scheduling a pickup date and time as per your convenience
  3. Pickup from office or home free of cost
  4. Specialized cleaning
  5. Steam ironing
  6. Stringent quality check before delivery
  7. On-time delivery

Why Choose Our Professional Dry Cleaning Services?

Our dry cleaning service in NOIDA entails using a highly advanced textile-cleaning process without the application of water. However the process isn’t exactly dry as the terminology indicates; rather the apparels are drenched in a solvent, thereafter rolled in a dryer, and finally steam-ironed to eliminate the solvent. Dry-cleaning clothes is crucial for protecting the textile or fabric that has a likelihood of getting damaged if you clean them in a conventional manner.

If you frequently soak your garments in extremely hot water inside the washing machine, and then subject them to the high dryer heat, you could end up damaging them. And when it comes to removing the stains, wet-cleaning with oil or grease does not work for the most part. Additionally the wet-cleaning process calls for using a water-based detergent at a high temperature, again increasing chances of garment damage.

Therefore we recommend applying the dry-cleaning method for thoroughly cleaning garments, especially those having delicate fabrics, and also for getting rid of stains.   

Benefits of Opting for Washcraft Dry Cleaning Service

 There are many good reasons why you should engage us for dry-cleaning your clothes, pillow covers, duvet covers, blankets, carpets, and more.

  • Our dry-cleaning procedure is 100% organic; we always use non-toxic, sustainable cleaning chemicals
  • We make sure to subject clothes to individual wash-cycle
  • All garments that undergo our organic, eco-friendly dry-cleaning mechanism receive antiseptic treatment for disinfecting them and making them germ-free
  • Clothes are subjected to controlled heating and dried with meticulous care 
  • The dry-cleaned apparels and garments are stored in a separate storage

Why We Enjoy an Edge in Dry Cleaning over Other Service Providers?

Nowadays there’s intense competition for grabbing customers’ attention with a view to boost business in every commercial or industrial segment. Right from the day we started operating, we knew only too well that we’d have to offer something that our competitors didn’t, to remain viable. We provide some exclusive services that enable us to always stay one step ahead of the competition:-

  • We always see to it we use eco-friendly dry-cleaning chemicals and environment-friendly dry-cleaning procedure
  • Highly competitivedry-cleaning prices
  • Invitation to watch the dry-cleaning treatment process at our Live Studio


If you’re looking for a reliable dry cleaning service in NOIDA, Ghaziabad or Delhi, you can bank on us. Get in touch with us today for best quotes by dialing + +911204121212 / +918743063478 or sending a mail to care@washcraft.in.

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Free Pickup & Delivery

Free Pickup & Delivery

WashCraft Provides Free doorstep pick & drop services. WashCraft will never charge anything for your doorstep pick & drop service. Your minimum order should be Rupees 500.

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