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Laundry and Dry Clean Franchise Packages Information:

WashCraft Connect (Single Store) - Investment 5 Lac

WashCraft Connect functions as a designated collection center, assuming the responsibility of local area marketing within a prescribed territory. Its main objective is to gather clothes and other items from customers in the territory, catering to their specific cleaning requirements. Subsequently, these items are dispatched to WashCraft Live Studio for dry cleaning or to the laundry facility, facilitated by the local service provided by WashCraft CleanZ.

WashCraft GO (Van) - Investment 3.5 Lac

WashCraft GO, a mobile service, operates similarly to a collection center but without a physical storefront. Instead, it utilizes a VAN that moves within its predefined territory for marketing purposes and to gather clothes and other items for dry cleaning from customers. Once collected, these items are then sent to WashCraft Live Studio or Laundry using the local service, WashCraft CleanZ.

WashCraft CleanZ (Live Store) - Investment 20 Lac

WashCraft CleanZ is a versatile service provider responsible for delivering laundry services, as well as additional services like sofa and car cleaning, and other on-site services. It serves as a collection center and a WashCraft GO within its specified local territory. CleanZ operates as a mini plant strategically installed in a marketplace, aiming to efficiently provide the mentioned services. However, due to technical and space limitations, CleanZ is unable to handle dry cleaning services

WashCraft Area (Live Store + 2 Store + 1 Go) - Investment 35 Lac

WashCraft Area is a perfect combination to manage non-technical business within same umbrella responsible for customer acquisition, handling logistics, processing laundry and onsite professional services with the aim of overall development of designated areas with the idea of least turnaround time and regular business.

WashCraft Studio (DC Processing + B2B) - Investment 50 Lac

The WashCraft Live Dry Cleaning Studio is a meticulously maintained processing unit that excels in handling even the most challenging cleaning tasks, including delicate and critical items. As a centralized facility, it has the capability to tackle various technical challenges that may arise. With its advanced equipment and skilled staff, the studio is well-equipped to cater to a diverse range of cleaning requirements. Additionally, it serves as a backup plant for the CleanZ model, guaranteeing uninterrupted services not only for WashCraft customers but also for other brands and businesses.

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