WashCraft Live Studio Sahibabad- Ghaziabad

Washcraft Live Studio is a  one stop solution for all your laundry and dry cleaning requirements. We offer a wide range of dry cleaning services like car cleaning, sofa care, carpet care, leather care, steam iron, dry cleaning, and premium laundry services in the whole of Ghaziabad. This is our main plant from where everything operates for all the franchise stores. It is the first store that is operated directly by the company.

WashCraft tops the list when you search for the best dry cleaners in Ghaziabad. Now we are operating all across Ghaziabad, Noida, Delhi, and Greater Noida. Our prime focus is to provide the best dry cleaning services at an affordable cost. Searching for the best dry cleaners near me can be a troublesome task but don’t worry as Washcraft is there to help you. Customers residing in Sahibabad and nearby areas can avail of our services easily. We are just a phone call away.

We understand that dry cleaning of heavy blankets, quilts, carpets, jackets, and premium clothes is important. Even everyday clothes, shoes, and other garments need proper care for maintaining new looks and this is where we help you. WashCraft offers you the best and most reliable laundry and dry cleaning services. Dry cleaning service providers are mushrooming in the city but the most important thing is reliability. We ensure to take proper care of your clothes and other items. WashCraft strives to meet the customer’s satisfaction so you can get quality service.  Your hard-earned money is precious to us and we work hard to give you value for money laundry and dry cleaning services.

WashCraft never uses harsh chemicals that make your clothes dull. We believe organic is the best and always uses organic chemicals for clothes. Depending on your purpose we offer clothes packing services.

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